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A Message from the CEO

"May you live in interesting times"

Ancient Chinese Curse

These really are interesting times - They are filled with an endless array of technologies that can be used to connect with prospects and clients. However, there are so many choices that it is easy to get stuck trying to figure out which media or sales tool is the magic marketing pill.​​​
Everyone is seeking this simple answer, even though it may be the wrong question - Instead of trying to find the perfect marketing vehicle, they could be considering a more important question – “how do I leverage the relationship I have with customers into tangible opportunity?” With this answer, business can gain a competitive advantage that few are using or know how to apply.​​
An approach based on the right question - Concord advisors helps clients tap the relationship insights they have about their prospects and customers -- across the spectrum of marketing tools and technologies. The mission is to turn this knowledge into growth, commitment and revenue. ​​
An offer – We think one of the best ways to introduce ourselves is to begin a dialogue that shows you the possibilities when you shift from generic marketing to real dialogues that address what is truly important and relevant to the customer. So in an old fashioned, but personal letter, like this, we wanted to offer our expertise in a customized report about ABC’s relationship opportunities and the strategies that may convert that potential into reality.​
Here’s the deal - All we ask is a brief preliminary meeting (usually about 45 minutes) to better understand your concerns and unique objectives. We’ll get back to you within a week with a concise report on where you are and where you can go to realize the potential you always knew was possible from prospects and clients. We believe this relational report will offer actionable ideas that will more than compensate you for your time.​
Your day is busy and this is not a veiled way to make a sales presentation. Instead, it is a chance for us to establish our ability to deliver innovative solutions and for you to gain actionable ideas that really address practice growth and profitability. ​
Bill Doehler
President & CEO​
P.S. Let me reassure you that there is no obligation, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 732-372-4334

The MLO Store was created by the team at Concord Companies in response to the high demand for storefronts among our customers in the mortgage business. We bring a combined 100+ years providing print & promo products to the financial services industry with us. With Concord, there is no learning curve, we know your business inside and out.